Unattended Upgrades Debian

Unattended Upgrades in Debian Feels like since forever have I been using unattended-upgrades package to automate the Security upgrades on my various Debian Stable based machines. Default Settings By default unattended-upgrades will install only Security updates. It also will not send any email reports. That is not surprising – well, you have to have email delivery configured and unattended-upgrades needs to know, what email address to send those reports to. [Read More]

Debian on TrueNAS Core under bhyve

Installing Debian/GNU Linux under bhyve on TrueNAS Core I got myself a TrueNAS Mini X+ couple of months ago. I have it running TrueNAS Core based on FreeBSD. In that system you can run VMs under FreeBSD’s native hypervisor, bhyve. Since there are a couple of quirks around running Debian specifically, I decided to write up a quick article about setting up Debian-based VM there. The quirks The ones I’ve stumbled upon were: [Read More]